Old Mill

Beauty and Grace reclaimed. Introducing Reclamation Hardwood Heritage.vThe latest look in hardwood is a mirror held up to the timeless beauty of the past, thanks to the Reclamation Hardwood Collection. Just as the reclaimed look has reinvented everything from furnishings to ceiling beams, now it can enliven the rooms of your home. These stunning floors are brought to life by mesmerizing color variations that play across natural oak surfaces-contrasting areas of lights and darks conspiring with the wood’s natural grain to add visual intrigue. As different lighting plays upon it, the look is made new again, never getting old even while looking aged. To further enhance the visual allure, our artisan craftsmen custom-cut planks in three random widths and distress each surface employing four distinctive circular and straight sawmark techniques. So while the workmanship is modern and durable, the look reclaims a heritage look and feel. Shop Reclamation Hardwood floors in a range of rich colors that reflect the weathered patina of reclaimed woods-all sealed with an ultra low-gloss Bona premium finish. Hardwood beauty as priceless as an heirloom is now yours to reclaim.

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California Classics

Product Type

Engineered Hardwood

Edge Type

Hand Distressed



Plank Dimensions

Random Width and Random Lengths

Sq. Ft./Carton




Residential Warranty

50 years

Commercial Warranty

5 years